A Roadmap for Rock 'n' Roll Paradise: The New Record from The Righteous Hillbillies  

The Righteous Hillbillies - Two Wheels Down a Lost Highway

JULY 13, 2016

The cover photo of the new Righteous Hillbillies record, taken by Kevin Selph, is a beautiful shot of a long, desolate road leading into a tree lined tunnel. More than a perfect complement to the record title, Two Wheels Down a Lost Highway, it is actually an invitation. Pack your bags, leave your inhibitions in the dust, and ride into the rock ‘n’ roll emporium of pleasure, aggression, and avid enlargement of each moment. Rock ‘n’ roll has always pulled off the parlor trick of offering listeners an escape, but not an escape from reality – an escape into a reality larger than the one of the everyday. Rock ‘n’ roll, in its best moments, communicates the intensity of life that is available to those ready for the ride.

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Victoria Amplifiers Endorses Nick Normando and Brent James of Righteous Hillbillies 

Brent and Nick are proud to announce their endorsement by Victoria amplifiers. In 1993, founder of Victoria amplifiers Mark Bauer set out to faithfully recreate the crown jewels among the many classic amplifiers developed by Leo Fender. The tweed amps of the late 50's defined the sound of rock and blues on vinyl and on stage, but they had also become increasingly scarce, and well beyond the reach of most working musicians. Since then Mark has developed his own original line of amps as well.

Nick is currently playing the Victoria Golden Melody and Brent plays a 20112 Deluxe, Victoriette and a 5112 Champ Style amp with a 12' inch speaker.

You can hear the 5112 and the Golden Melody exclusively used on our new record "Two Wheels Down a Lost Highway".


Thanks for your support Mark, we are proud to be a part of the Victoria family!


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The Muscle Shoals Sessions 

The Muscle Shoals Sessions recorded at the Legendary FAME studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with engineer John Gifford and Producer Craig Bishop (New York Noize, NY NY). Craig Bishop has worked with artists such as; BB King, Rosanne Cash, David Byrne, Elvis Costello, Shawn Colvin and more. The album was also graced with some guest star musicians including: Danny Louis (Govt' Mule) and Larry Byrom (Steppenwolf) on keyboards. 

In a Grass Roots fashion Righteous Hillbillies are encouraging fans to download the record for FREE and also to share the music with their friends. 

The single "Pleasure and Pain" was in rotation on Cleveland Ohio's oWOW Radio and on WPKN.org Bridgeport, CT. 


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